LabVizor’s dedicated team is comprised of pathologists, clinical lab scientists, IT developers, coders, software engineers, revenue cycle management staff, and sales staff. With more than 10 years of development and combined team effort, we have produced the most modern, powerful, customizable, and efficient
LIS to suit any practice.

Our Vision:
Innovative and Integrated

Informatics has become integral to any practice. For years, pathology practices have struggled with expensive, off-the-shelf, non-customizable LIS on local servers and VPNs.

Practices must be innovative in their growing business needs and integrate their workflow with their inpatient and outpatient clients, billing, and sales. Efficient and cost-effective AP LIS is a dream for any pathologist looking to be acknowledged for their efforts in patient care.

In these challenging times of reduced reimbursement, an efficient LIS is critical in avoiding potential lost revenue and enhancing productivity. Pathologists work hard to render a solid diagnosis and generate reports, but dictating final reports can be cumbersome and produce a format that might not be satisfying to clients. We have experienced the same challenges and are now offering the solution to our pathologist colleagues.

Practices need to be wiser in their workflow when it comes to IT; thus, we call our product LabVizor.