Laboratories – LIS

LabVizor is a state-of-the-art, technologically advanced, user-friendly, cloud based platform built specifically to meet the growing needs of both small and large laboratory practices.

Client Portals

Do you have users working remotely? Do they round at multiple sites? Access files from any computer through the cloud. LabVizor allows you to view all cases from multiple sites in a single dashboard.

RCM Portal

Our revenue cycle management dashboard is specifically built to give your team the ability to review requisitions and support documents electronically, track all unbilled cases/tests, communicate with the laboratory through instant messaging or email, set up notifications, and integrate RCM software.

Sales Portal

Vizor Sales Portal offers an intuitive dashboard that allows sales representatives real-time access to specimen status tracking, client productivity reporting, and the ability to communicate directly with lab staff through instant messaging or email.