A Seamless Workflow

LIS integration is vital in any practice or hospital by improving productivity, efficiency, and quick reporting.

LabVizor is HL-7 compatible and designed to seamlessly integrate with various equipment, other laboratory information systems, EMRs, and EHRs.

“Working with LabVizor and having access to case level views allows revenue cycle managers to bill all services performed on a case on a single claim.
VP of Revenue Cycle Management

“We chose LabVizor because of its ability to break out cases between TC and PC and its integration with our EMR system… Looking forward to starting my histology lab!”

“The use of the LabVizor dashboard, with all accessions associated with a case in a single-row view, has significantly decreased the time I spend reviewing my cases.

“LabVizor’s ability to showcase patient history and create summary reports on bone marrow biopsies made it the ideal LIS for our practice and flow lab.